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My mother was young when she suffered her first stroke, and was left with very minimal movement on her right-hand side. In a few years, she had two more strokes, and she also has Parkinson’s disease. We as a family have seen that this has been and it is emotionally hard, but at the same time, it needs attention and care.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have her presence in our lives despite so many health-related issues, and we certainly understand the importance of in-home care.  

In the meantime, I carried on growing career wise and finished a degree in Psychology at Westminster University in London and later on a Master of Science in Clinical and Community Psychology at the University of East London.

During my Clinical Psychology training, I worked with individuals that were victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, bereaved by homicide and had gone through trauma in their lives. I also volunteered for charities and hospitals such as St Mary’s Hospital in London, where I was a companion for the elderly who had long term illnesses and needed someone to talk to by their bedside.

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Personal Care​​ At Home| Mazaltov Home Care Boca Raton

Drawing on all the experience and expertise that I have gained, reliability, compassion, empathy, and dignity are some of the key pillars which form the basis of our Florida services.

These experiences had a profound impact on me as a person and inspired me to start an in-home care service that reflects the values and ethos that I learned first-hand.

Everything I do in home care is a dedication to my mother’s memory!

Ms. E. SINAKOLI BSc MSc – Founder & CEO 


Mission Statement

MAZALTOV IN-HOME CARE is a family name and hiring us it will mean having an extra family to take care of you or family members.

“Psychology and home care is our industry and passion.”

– Your Vision of Care is our Mission.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Credibility

To Achieve Our Mission We Will: 

  1. Provide and deliver results through high-quality services for our clients.
  2. Champion the interests of family members and their loved ones.
  3. Construct a sustainable operating model utilizing high-quality care providers


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