Does Your Elderly Loved One Suffer Memory Loss?

Caregiver In Lantana Fl: Memory Loss

Memory Loss: Having an elderly loved one who is experiencing memory loss can cause some serious concerns.

If you are like many other family caregivers, your first might be dementia or another loss of memory disorder. However, it could be that your elderly loved one just has age-related memory loss. There are some things that you may want to learn about age-related memory loss, so you can help determine if this is what is going on with your elderly loved one.

Not Completing Tasks as They Usually Do but Can Still Get Them Done

One of the most common signs that someone is experiencing age-related loss of memory is that they aren’t completing tasks as they usually do. For example, your elderly loved one might not be able to get the dishes done as quickly or make a meal as well as they used to. In regard to the meal, your elderly loved one might forget which ingredients to use, but remember in a bit.

Sometimes Forgetting Memories but Not Entire Situations

With age-related memory loss, your elderly loved one might forget memories. They may forget what happened at their high school graduation, even though they have retold the story many times before. Your elderly loved one may forget specific details of their wedding, only to forget some of those details now. However, if your elderly loved one isn’t forgetting everything about these situations, it is likely age-related loss of memory and not dementia.

Forgetting to Call Someone or Forgetting to Attend an Appointment

Your elderly loved one might have forgotten to call you, even though they usually call you on the same day at the same time every week. In addition, your elderly loved one might forget to go to one of their appointments. As long as this isn’t happening all the time, it probably isn’t a sign of dementia. These things could have just been mishaps. As a person gets older, it is normal to forget things from time to time.

Using the Wrong Name for Someone They Know

If your elderly loved one uses the wrong name for someone they know, this could be due to age-related memory loss. It could just mean that they are tired and forgetful that day. If your elderly loved one isn’t doing this all the time or to multiple people, it is likely not a degenerative loss of memory disorder.

Memory Loss: Conclusion

These are some of the signs that your elderly loved one has age-related loss of memory and not dementia. However, if you are worried about your elderly loved ones taking care of themselves, it might be a good idea to hire caregivers to spend time with them. At least then, you won’t have to worry about them quite as much.

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