Can Art Therapy Help With Dementia Patients?

Caregiver In Jupiter Fl: Senior Art Therapy

Art therapy is one of the many things that can help dementia patients. Many dementia patients experience anxiety, frustration, and many other negative feelings. They may have additional health issues, as well. Some of these issues might affect their daily life. However, research shows that art therapy can help dementia patients who are experiencing these things. Keep reading to find out the many different benefits of art therapy for your elderly loved ones if they have dementia.

Expressing Oneself

One of the many ways that art therapy can help dementia patients is by allowing them to express themselves. Many dementia patients can’t communicate as well as they used to. If your elderly loved one has dementia, you may find that they have a tough time holding a conversation. This can be very frustrating for them. However, if you can get them into art therapy, it can be a way for them to express how they are feeling.

Encouraging Socialization

There are many places that hold art therapy classes. This might be something that you want to check into for your elderly loved one. This would give them the opportunity to be around other people who also want to express themselves. If you can’t get your elderly loved one into an art therapy class, you or an elderly care provider may want to do art with them.

Improving Cognition and Stimulation

Two other ways that art therapy can help your elderly loved ones is by improving their cognition and stimulation. It is very important that people with dementia have activities that help keep their minds active. Art therapy can do this for your elderly loved one. It can give them ways to expand their thoughts. Doing art takes hand-eye coordination, thinking, processing, and much more. All of this can be great for your elderly loved one’s cognition and stimulation.


These are just some of the ways that art therapy can help your elderly loved ones if they have dementia. This type of therapy has been used in many settings for the young and the old. It has been able to help people relieve their anxiety, frustrations, stress, and so much more. Research has been done to show the effects that art therapy has on dementia patients and it has been outstanding. You can make a call to your elderly loved one’s doctor to see if art therapy might be right for them.

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