Best Easy Meal Delivery for Seniors

When you have a senior in your life, one of the best ways to help them is by ordering a meal delivery service. 

Many food delivery services offer a wide variety of menu options. Top Chef Meals, Tiller & Hatch, RealEats, DoorDash, and Instacart are just a few resources available to assist with food delivery.

These days, home delivery is available for everything from healthy fresh prepared meals to groceries and household supplies.

To learn more about meal delivery services available, read our article. It will give you an idea of what you can expect from each option.

Meal Delivery

Top Chef Meal Delivery

Seniors can now order delicious, home-cooked meals delivered to their door. Top Chef meal delivery service specializes in serving delicious meals delivered to your door via flash-frozen technology. Meals are prepared the night before and frozen, so they are ready to cook at your convenience. While the quality of the food is best during the first few weeks after delivery, these meals can keep in the freezer for up to four months. The quality and variety are much better than grocery store frozen meals.

Tiller & Hatch

This is another simple meal delivery service that provides fresh, affordable meals, prepared by a chef, and delivered to your home frozen. Not only can you save time, but you can spend quality time together at the dinner table. You can choose between a variety of meal plans, depending on your budget and the number of people in your household.


Another company that offers high-quality fresh meal delivery is RealEats. This service is wonderful because you can customize your meals and swap side dishes. They have numerous menu choices, and the servings are perfect for one person. Your meals are delivered fresh and sealed in bags that you boil for a few minutes. You can also order additional items as add-ons, so you really can get exactly what you want and there is no waste. You can also change your menu weekly and turn off delivery for any weeks that you don’t want to receive your meals. 


The elderly may also need a grocery delivery. My 78-year-old mother has always done her shopping, but now it is becoming more difficult. With Instacart, she can order anything she needs from her local stores and have what she wants to be delivered at her convenience. This service is a blessing for the elderly, and for busy families who may not always have time to go shopping.


Many adult children worry about the food their aging parents are eating. Seniors may not be able to drive or carry groceries or may just lack the energy to prepare meals. A service like DoorDash can help with this. It works by connecting users with delivery drivers who deliver meals from many local restaurants to the recipients. This service is also mobile and easy to use. Seniors who live alone can use DoorDash for easy restaurant meal delivery.

Sunbasket Meal Delivery

When you sign up for Sunbasket easy meal delivery for seniors, you can select the number of meals you would like to receive and how many people each meal will feed. All the meals are priced a la carte and can be ordered in quantities that will serve two or four people. You can change the number of servings if needed. Like RealEats, there are many ways to customize the meals to your loved one’s needs, such as choosing different side dishes, adding extras, or adjusting quantities. This service is best for households of more than one person.

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Senior Care: Stroke Recovery

With the increase in the population of older adults, senior home care services must be prepared to assist with stroke recovery.

Although most strokes are not life-threatening, some can be so severe that they affect life significantly. Therefore, skilled senior care nurses who are trained in stroke recovery are essential. Proper treatment helps ensure that the patient can improve every day and lead a happy and productive life even after a stroke.

What Are Your Options for Senior Home Care?

Many options are available if you are looking for senior home care assistance for an elderly parent or an adult friend who has recently had a stroke. Senior home care agencies and medical caregivers will come to your home to provide elder care services. These services can include but are not limited to laundry, meal planning, and shopping for groceries. Senior home care is a good option because it helps to keep your loved one close to you. In addition, seniors can benefit from senior home care services for older adults by receiving around-the-clock assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, exercising, and eating.

Taking Care of Older Adults During Stroke Recovery

If you have an elderly who experienced a stroke, your top priority should be to seek qualified care from an approved senior home care assistance provider. One of the most challenging things for an older adult with a stroke is to hold a conversation. As a result, they often lose the ability to speak or to cope with simple tasks. Some older adults with a stroke may be bedridden, making it challenging to move around or engage in physical activity. They may struggle with getting out of bed or going to the bathroom, making it even more challenging to care for themselves.

Senior Home Care Services Can Help

You will want to hire a senior home care assistant from an agency that is specifically experienced with stroke recovery. The home care provider can give them the care and attention they need to lead a routine life. You will want to find a caregiver with both the experience and good nature to take care of an elderly patient who has had a stroke. Your agency can help you choose the right care provider so you can be confident that the staff is qualified to provide special physical and emotional support to the seniors during the stroke recovery process.

Getting the Support Your Senior Need

It can be very difficult for the elder to admit that they need help, especially if they have lived alone or with their family for a long time. As a result, many older adults can become isolated. Senior home care assistance is an excellent way for an older adult to get some social interaction and also help with daily tasks, such as cleaning and cooking. You would want your seniors to have such support around them, especially since they are more vulnerable to injuries after a stroke.

Senior Care: Stroke Recovery Conclusion

It’s important to be proactive when taking care of older adults who have had a stroke. Keep your elder’s medical record handy so that you can quickly go over it if anything changes. Have your caregiver go through the medical history of your senior so that you can be aware of any other issues they may have besides the cognitive problem in case of an emergency. Finally, don’t hesitate to enlist help from a professional whenever you need it.

Reach out to us today if you have any questions or want to learn more about the senior care assistance services for your seniors!

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Elderly Care Tips: Six Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Your Mom Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

Elderly Care Tips: Alzheimer’s disease is very challenging for a family.

It’s hard on the emotions, and your mom isn’t any happier that her memories are slipping away. There are six elderly care tips you should and shouldn’t do when being an elderly care provider caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s.

You Should Prepare for Interruptions

Your mom’s mood and interests will change without warning. You’re trying to get some work done, but your mom wants to take a walk. This is her fifth walk this morning, and you need her to sit still.

Plan to be interrupted. Your mom’s worsening memory retention makes it hard for her to remember what she’s done from one minute to the next. You have to learn to go with the flow by expecting to be interrupted. If you can’t manage it, hire an elderly care aide to help out on days you have to get work done.

You Shouldn’t Say No

Many people with Alzheimer’s do not respond well to being told “no.” If you do say this, your mom is likely to become angry and agitated, making her difficult to calm down.

Instead of saying “no,” redirect her. She wants to go outside in her shorts and t-shirt in the middle of the winter. Don’t tell her no. Instead, explain that you’ll go outside together as soon as she’s got pants and a coat on.

If that doesn’t work, ask her if she wants a granola bar, banana, or another favorite treat. Distractions like favorite foods usually work wonders at redirecting someone with Alzheimer’s.

You Should Repeat Answers

For the eighth time this hour, your mom asks you what day it is. It may be frustrating to keep answering the same question, but she doesn’t realize she’s asked it before. Don’t point that out. Instead, keep answering her.

Eventually, she may get tired of asking the question and move onto something else. As hard as it may be, just keep answering her questions and don’t point out that she’s already asked you.

You Shouldn’t Argue With Her

No matter how frustrated you are, don’t argue with your mom. She keeps insisting she’s fine and can drive her car. Instead of telling her “no” and arguing, come up with a stall tactic. Try something like, “Sure, as soon as we do this…” As her thoughts move to something else, such as cooking and having breakfast first, she’ll forget that she wanted to drive.

You Should Cherish Every Moment

Cherish every moment, no matter how stressed you feel. Get out old family photo albums and listen to the stories she has to tell. Bake old family recipes together and see if she talks about things she used to make with her parents or grandparents.

Elderly Care Tips: You Shouldn’t Be the Sole Carer

Even if your mom lives with you, you can’t be the only family carer helping her with daily activities of living. You’ll find it hard to handle emotionally and physically. You risk caregiver burnout. Use these elderly care tips to help as you move forward.

Instead, hire respite care services from your local elderly care agency. You get to take breaks while professional caregivers help your mom. Talk to a specialist to learn more.

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Why an Aging Parent Might Listen to an Elder Care Provider Rather Than You

Isn’t it annoying when somebody you care about, a family member, your teenage son or daughter, your spouse, or even a close friend decides to take the advice of somebody else rather than you? What’s even worse is when that advice is basically the same thing you had been saying for weeks or months.

You just want to bang your head against the wall. And you wonder why.

One of those struggles some people face when supporting an aging parent or grandparent is that it doesn’t seem to make any difference what you say or do; that elderly person won’t listen to a thing you say.

So, you reach your breaking point. Your boiling point. And you give up. Maybe you tell them you just can’t do this anymore and advise them to look to elder care, thinking it’s going to be worse than having you support them.

Then, within a few weeks, you begin to realize this might very well have been a far better decision. Maybe this was something you should have thought about and discussed earlier. Yet, one of the most frustrating components of all of this is that the elder care provider is saying the exact same things, encouraging the same things you did for weeks or months, but now, only now, this senior is listening to them.

Why does this happen?

It isn’t the advice. It’s the person giving it. You see, sometimes it can be difficult for an aging senior to listen to their adult child trying to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do. The dynamic of the relationship has shifted and that is a difficult thing to accept.

However, when that same information or advice comes from a person cloaked in the guise of professionalism, which an experienced elder care provider should very well be, especially when they work for an agency, it has a different impact.

Don’t take it personally.

While this may sting a little, while you may get frustrated having to go through this situation, don’t take it personal. Be glad this aging loved one is finally taking your advice, even if it is coming from someone else. Even if somebody else is getting the credit.

After all, what’s the most important thing here? Their safety, their quality of life, their health, and their well-being. That’s all you care about. That’s all we should care about.

Sometimes, that is just the way it is. It can be easier to listen to somebody who comes across as a professional rather than family, even though our loved ones have the best of intentions, their advice is spot on, and it is the same exact thing this elder care provider is saying.

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Senior Care: Best Snacks For Seniors

Senior Care: Sneaking a snack between meals is an inalienable right for all grown-ups, and people over 65 have certainly earned the right to eat when they want.

And snacking won’t hurt a senior nutritionally, unless he or she takes in too many calories altogether from snacks and meals. The keys to healthy senior snacking are small portions, healthy meals, and choosing nutritious snacks rather than snacks that have empty calories.

Snacking Regulates Blood Sugar and Maintains Nutrition in the Emaciated

For diabetics, eating several small, healthy meals a day in preference to three big meals is usually recommended. That’s because eating small amounts on a frequent basis keeps a steady stream of fuel in the system. So the person who eats small amounts throughout the day does not get the blood sugar crashes and overloads that eating big meals can cause.

Hypoglycemia is a lesser blood sugar disorder, but it’s also pretty common. People with hypoglycemia also need to snack in between small meals to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Snacking is also recommended for seniors who are underweight and have trouble getting enough nutrition. Loss of appetite can accompany a number of health conditions including heart disease, respiratory disease, and liver damage. Many seniors find it difficult to eat a full meal in one sitting. In that case, pushing snacks is an ideal way to rebuild a healthy nutrition profile.

When Snacking Is Unhealthy

Snacking gets a bad rap even though it might be desirable for many seniors. However, snacking becomes unhealthy if your senior is taking in too many calories and gaining weight or obese.

Snacking is also undesirable if your senior frequently nibbles on cookies, chips, sodas, fried foods, and pastries. In general, seniors (along with everyone else) need to reduce or eliminate processed sugar, partial grains like white bread, excess salt, and saturated fat.

Senior Care:What You Can Do To Encourage Good Snacking

Of course, no one wants the job of asking dad to change his diet. But it’s often possible to make a few substitutions. Your mother or father might be willing to try non-fat yogurt in place of ice cream, a banana instead of a cookie, cucumber wedges instead of chips, whole-grain crackers instead of white grain crackers.

Finding healthier snacks and encouraging the eating of them may be a matter of trial and error. If at first, you don’t succeed, keep trying. Senior care aides can be your allies in this battle. Ask your senior care specialists to make sure that good snacks are on hand, and that they have been presented in an attractive way.

In conclusion, snacks are not the enemy of your senior. They may, in fact, be a healthy way to regulate blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight in people with appetite loss. See if you can get your senior to snack on nutritious foods like raw fruit, vegetable sticks, and yogurt, and whole grains instead of junk food.

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