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Healthcare providers encounter many different obstacles when registering and bringing on new carers to your services. Our internal Processes ensures the best professionals are thoroughly screened as according to AHCA regulations. We refer care providers that will match with your needs. At MAZALTOV excellence defines our service enabling your needs to be met in the comfort of your own home.

Providing the best care is our number one priority, we avoid any dishonorable practices that may be putting the individual in care at risk of malpractice or unsightly care! Healthcare providers need to be thoroughly vetted to ensure the best service possible! Peace of mind is essential when providing the best Healthcare for anyone!


Trends in Health Care for 2019

Projections for 2019 healthcare costs continue to rise but we remain committed to ensuring the most affordable and competitive prices around. Since many insurance changes within facilities and also other healthcare providers in the field have occured, there will be many more uninsured individuals as the “Baby Boomers” generation makes up a substantial portion of our current society and thus requiring more support for their Healthcare needs. Another trend to expect in 2019 is the underinsured individuals who have been navigating the ever changing insurance landscape between government and administration changes. Be prepared with MAZALTOV Care!

Healthcare Providers

Being in the healthcare industry and providing Healthcare professionals to facilities we see the need for highly trained, caring and empathic care providers. Palm Beach County Florida is home to millions of people and we want to help you make the best decision.

Being part of MAZALTOV gives you freedom and Flexibility to be your own boss and set your own rates allowing you to find your passion and ideal working situation where you are able to work at your highest capacity for care and professional treatment of all those who you provide care for!

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