The Right Shoe Can Make All the Difference

No one wants sore feet. Everyone needs sensible shoes. Especially people over 65. If you are caring for an elderly parent or other relative, finding him the right shoes is important.

Old feet get injured more easily

Humans are born with a quantum of fat at the bottom of our feet which keeps a spring in our steps up to about the age of sixty. As people age, however, this important fat cushion diminishes. This may be especially true for seniors who have lost weight due to dieting or because of lost appetite. Caregivers need to understand that is why people over 65 so often complain about hurt feet.

Foot health issues become more common in old age. Plantar Fasciitis, corns, and bunions can cause pain which leads to reduced mobility. Old feet are more prone to swelling, especially if the senior is diabetic or takes medications that cause water retention. Being obese or overweight can worsen these conditions.

What kinds of shoes do seniors need?

Unless a senior is actually running, he or she may not need a running shoe so much as a walking shoe. Caregivers should know that walking shoes are differently constructed. The flexibility is in the front of the shoe because walkers propel themselves, in large part, with the toes and forward pads of their feet.

Some considerations for choosing a walking shoe are:

Memory foam inner soles–This new shoe technology is a life saver because it compensates for the loss of fat on the sole of the foot. And, yes, it’s the same material they use to make super comfortable mattresses. So it’s like having mini-mattresses on the bottom of your feet. Heaven.

Laces or pull-ons–If your senior struggles to tie laces, pull on shoes might be the better choice. However, slip-ons tend to let go of the walker’s heel, so you may have to do some trial and error to find a pair that is neither too tight nor slipping off.

Shoe weight–In general, heavier shoes can stand up to more abuse. If your senior is going to be walking in the woods or on uneven surfaces like gravel, he may need a really solid platform. If he is going to be walking on very smooth sidewalks, a lightweight shoe is easier to walk in.

Choose the right trainers

Ideally, your senior is doing some kind of strength or resistance exercise which involves small hand weights or rubber bands or wearable weights. For this kind of exercise, many fitness experts recommend shoes called “trainers.”

Trainers are flatter and more solid from heel to toe than walking shoes. With two sets of the right shoes, your senior will transition from walking shoes to trainers when working out and from trainers to walking shoes when walking, especially outside the house.

In brief, helping your senior choose some really good shoes that suit her lifestyle is one of the kindest things caregivers can do. Home care professionals can help you with this by making shoe recommendations, shopping for shoes with your senior, and reminding your senior which shoes are suitable for which activities.

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How Do You Help Your Dad With Medication Management?

In the U.S., around 85 percent of older adults take at least one prescription medication. The most common medications are diabetic medications, beta-blockers for high blood pressure or heart disease, and medications to lower cholesterol levels. These medications need to be taken with care.

If your dad is having a hard time remembering to take his medications or if he’s already taken them, he needs help. Whether you live hours away or are close by, it may become your responsibility to find a way to ensure he’s taking his medications. How you help him depends greatly on how often you can visit him.

Stop By Before or After Work

If you live a few minutes away, stop by before or after work and stay until he’s taken his medications. When he has, you can put the medications back in a locked cabinet or drawer. If you’re not close, do you have a sister or brother who can?

Add Reminders to His Calendar

If he has a phone or computer that he looks at daily, add reminders to his calendar. Set it up so that he gets a pop-up notification that keeps appearing until he marks that he’s done the task.

Purchase a Pill Organizer

There are pill organizers with alarms that open the dispenser door when it’s time to take the medications. Your dad will hear the alarm and take the pills. Most older adults find this system useful. If you stop by to check on him and he hasn’t taken his medications, you’ll need to find another option.

Call Him

If you don’t live nearby and there’s no one else who can stop by, call him on the phone and ask him to take them. It depends on how stubborn he is. If he hates taking his medications, it may be harder to fully trust him to take the pills this way. Video chat is ideal as you can see if he swallows the medications.

Ask an Elder Care Agency About Medication Reminders

Call an elder care agency and ask about medication reminders. Caregivers stop by each day and remind your dad to take his prescriptions. If he is running low, the caregiver can order and pick-up refills.

With elder care, you don’t have to worry about your dad taking two or three doses of the same medication. You don’t have to worry about him failing to take it. Medication reminders and elder care services give you peace of mind.

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4 Senior Care Myths Your Mom Might Believe That Aren’t True

Senior care is designed to help older adults remain active and independent. Yet, some hear stories about senior care that aren’t true, but they believe them and shy away from the services. If these four senior care myths are keeping your mom from signing up for services, reassure her that they’re only myths and not the reality.

Caregivers Cannot Be Trusted

Granted, some caregivers are not trustworthy. Some have been caught stealing and some have been accused of elder abuse. Many of those caregivers are family caregivers, however. Others are private caregivers the family hires based on an ad they see on a bulletin board or online.

When you hire senior care services from an agency, caregivers are subjected to drug tests and background checks. You can find out for sure by asking when you call.

You Lose All of Your Privacy

Privacy sometimes has to be infringed upon, but it’s not in an abrupt way. It’s also not a certainty. It comes down to the services your mom needs. If she needs someone to help her clean up after using the toilet, it will be a little less private than she might want.

If she needs help during a bath or shower, that also may make her feel like her privacy is being infringed upon. Caregivers will do everything possible to make her feel comfortable. Extra towels can cover areas of the body while another area is being washed. If she doesn’t need those services, privacy is not going to be an issue.

Senior Care Is Not for Independent People

Needing a caregiver isn’t a sign that you’ve lost your independence. Homeowners around the world hire housekeepers to help with different aspects of daily living. It’s simply a matter of not having enough hours in the day.

Your mom needs to realize the point of senior care is to help her stay independent. It’s not to take away her independence. Caregivers help her with the things she cannot do by herself and encourage her to do things that she can do.

Caregivers Boss You Around

Some older adults hear that caregivers are bossy and don’t want to deal with that type of attitude. Caregivers are there to help. They’re not bossy, but they also have to make sure their clients take medications on time. They can’t just let people skip a daily dose of something necessary to treat a health condition.

If your parents are not cooperative, the caregiver may have to call you for help or be a little more insistent. Some senior citizens take that as being bossy and complain about it, which is what starts that myth about senior care. The truth is the majority of seniors with caregivers form lasting bonds.

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Redesigning Your Mom’s Kitchen to Be Safer for Her

A doctor with New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery says that 6 out of 10 falls happen within the home. It’s also said that 33 percent of adults 65 or older fall each year and half of those people fall more than once.

The bathroom is one area where falls are common. Don’t overlook the kitchen, however. It’s another area where older adults are likely to fall and injure themselves. Make sure your mom’s kitchen is as safe as possible by following these redesign tips.

Eliminate the Need for a Stool

If items your mom needs are in high cabinets, she’s more likely to grab a chair to reach what she needs. A stool can help, but she can still lose her balance. Bringing things down to her level is ideal.

Move items your mom rarely uses into the upper cabinets. Everything else can be moved to lower cabinets. Things she uses often, such as a coffeemaker, can be placed on the counter.

Add Slide-Out Pot Drawers

If your mom has a hard time bending over to reach something in the back of a lower cabinet, consider replacing the cabinet with slide-out drawers. Pot drawers easily slide out and allow your mom to open the drawer and take out what she needs.

Get Rid of Mats

If your mom likes kitchen mats, she needs to get rid of them. If she can’t live without them, make sure she has a heavier mat that has a non-slip backing. A mat that slips around increases the risk of a fall. A memory foam mat designed for the kitchen is ideal.

Put in Vinyl Non-Slip Flooring

Linoleum and tile flooring can be slippery. If your mom is in socks and loses traction, she can fall. Newer vinyl flooring is one idea. Even wet this flooring isn’t very slippery. The vinyl planks look like wood and come in dozens of wood tones.

You can hire someone to install the vinyl planks or install it yourself. It’s a click and lock system that doesn’t require too many tools. Instructions come in the box.

It could be time for her to have help with home chores like meal preparation and grocery organization. Talk to her about it.

Elderly care services help your mom when she’s living at home alone. She doesn’t give up her independence. She doesn’t have to move. She has the help she needs when she needs it. She may want caregivers to stop by once a week or every day. Call an elderly care agency to learn more.

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