Six Ideas for New Hobbies When Your Senior Is Stuck at Home

Home Health Care In Palm Beach Fl: Senior Hobbies

Now that a lot more people are spending all day every day at home, they’re finding that they need some activities to help them to cope. If that describes your senior, she may want to try some of these ideas.

Check out Online Games

Online games can be a big challenge and a lot of fun. The bonus is that because they’re online, there’s no board to set up, no pieces to lose, and there are a ton of options. Your senior may just find some great games that she loves to play. Another huge benefit is that games are a great way to keep your senior’s brain active and engaged.

Dive into Old or New Movies

If your elderly family member has always enjoyed movies but hasn’t had the time to watch them, now might be the time to dive back in. She might go with old favorites that she hasn’t seen in a long time or explore new-to-her movies. Or she could go with a mix of those. Just like with online games, on demand functions and streaming options mean that there’s an endless variety available.

Learn to Meditate or Do Yoga

Moving a little more is good for your senior’s body and her mind. It can also help her to manage any anxiety or other emotions she’s experiencing. Now could be the perfect time to learn to meditate or to do simple yoga poses. YouTube has a wide range of free guided meditations and yoga flows that your senior might want to try out.

Start Writing that Memoir

Chances are very good that your elderly family member has lived an exciting and colorful life. There are probably stories that you still haven’t heard, too. Now might be the perfect time for your elderly family member to sit down and start writing that memoir.

Start a Travel Wish List

Museums all over the world are offering guided virtual tours right now, as are quite a few of the popular travel destinations. Your senior might want to put together a travel wish list and see if some of those places on her list have virtual tours. She can “visit” the places on her travel wish list now and see which ones she might want to still visit once travel is possible again.

Learn Some New Technologies

There are constantly new technologies out there and now might be a great time for your senior to start using some of them. Video chatting might have been unnecessary before, but now it can help her to talk to and to see family members and friends. That’s an important and fun way to use it.

There’s a lot that can be overwhelming for your senior right now. Finding a new hobby or skill can be a great way to distract her from what’s going on with the coronavirus pandemic. It might also be a good idea to hire elder care providers to check on your senior. They take extra precautions to ensure that they do not endanger your senior and they can help you to feel more at ease that she’s doing well.

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