Sleep Management Tips for Sundowners Syndrome

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Does your elderly loved one have sundowners syndrome? This happens with many people who are diagnosed with dementia. If your elderly loved one has this syndrome, it is important that they get the best sleep possible. Without proper sleep, your elderly loved one is more likely to have worsened symptoms. There are some sleep management tips that you or a senior care provider could help your elderly loved one with starting today.

Using Calming and Familiar Music

One of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to get better sleep is by turning on calming and familiar music. Usually, low-tempo, soothing music can help those with dementia to get better sleep. It can help them to fall asleep quicker. Make a playlist of calming music that your elderly loved one would enjoy. Play this quietly while they are trying to go to bed or just before they go to bed.


Some elderly people with dementia do still enjoy massages. You could give your elderly loved one a foot massage, hand massage, head massage, or back massage. This can soothe them, so they are able to fall asleep better. Using warm lotion during the massage may calm them even further.

Using Aromatherapy

You could try to use aromatherapy with your elderly loved one. Some people who experience sundowners syndrome can’t fall asleep because they aren’t relaxed. There are many essential oils that are known to promote relaxation. For instance, lavender has been used to help people get better sleep. You may have to use trial and error to find which essential oils work best for your elderly loved one. Once you figure this out, you or the senior care provider can place the essential oil in the diffuser when your elderly loved one goes to bed.


If nothing else is working, you might want to talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor about melatonin. This is something that is naturally produced by the body. However, some people just don’t make enough of it. If the doctor approves, you or the senior care provider could give your loved one melatonin before they go to bed. This can make them more relaxed and tired, so they are able to fall asleep and stay asleep for a longer period of time.


These are some of the sleep management tips for someone who has sundowners syndrome. If this is something that your elderly loved one has, be sure to use these tips to help them get better sleep.

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